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Pathway to College

BJBIE partners with colleges and universities in the United States to offer "Pathway Programs" to Chinese students upon high school graduation. Students completing a one-year Pathway Program enjoy a curriculum developed together by BJBIE and the university, which focuses on English language development and additional coursework to prepare them for attending the school's four-year degree program.

Cultural Immersion

In addition to coursework, students benefit from being immersed in the local culture. Engaging with local students and faculty forces students to practice their lessons, adapt to cultural differences, and integrate into local communities. Such integration and the achievement of language goals make students more prepared when applying for admissions to their school's full four-year degree program.

BJBIE Support

BJBIE offers exclusive support to students and universities participating in Pathway Programs, both academically and in everyday life. This includes pre-departure preparation such as language evaluation and visa processes, as well as ensuring a smooth year in the US by providing bimonthly feedback to parents, on and off-site mentoring, planning of cultural tours, and so on.

BJBIE Partners

For BJBIE's partners, offering the Pathway Program allows the college or university to enhance its international visibility and increase the numbers and quality of international applicants. BJBIE is currently looking to expand its partnerships for Pathway Programs and develop more Overseas Education Centers across the United States.

BJBIE's Overseas Education Centers Include:

Our Pathway Programs

We Help Students Adjust to a New Environment, a New Culture, a New Language, and New Ways of Learning.


English Language Intsruction

Intensive Language

Provided by Partnering Schools


For-Credit Courses
Pre-Undergraduate Preparation
combined with

Comprehensive Student Support

Day-To-Day Support

Provided by BJBIE Student

Service Specialists


Integration and

Nurture relationships between

students, families, and schools

leads to

Degree Enrollment

Bachelor's Degree

Many students express interest in
Business, Economics, and the Sciences


Master's Degree

Certain programs offer an
extended MA program

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